In the second half of my pregnancy I found myself at a dead end. Before I got pregnant I was going to the gym doing weight training and I was able to continue with my workouts till second trimester when my belly got too heavy and I wasn’t able to train in the same manner anymore. I wasn’t happy about quitting my workouts but it seemed like I was left with no other option. Alas, complete abandonment of my workouts left me with severe back pain – of course, the baby was getting bigger and my muscles were getting looser. That’s why I was determined to find a way to stay active but in a pregnancy friendly way.

I turned to pilates and am happy to say I feel no pain whatsoever anymore, even though my belly has gotten twice as big since. Here’s a video including a complete upper body workout which is doable in one fluid motion so it’s perfect for a morning rutine. It’s important to stay active and not to be afraid of doing things we were doing it before pregnancy. We just got to adapt it and we’re good to go.

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