This little project was much more to me than just “let’s dress up, put on some makeup and pose for a few shots.” It was an amazing day spent with wonderful people. You know when they say – be aware of which people you surround yourself with – it has a lot to do with what brings out of yourself. That’s why surround yourself with people who pull out the creativity, ambition and extraordinary. People who you can have conversations with, that last hours and hours, while you lose the feeling for time and don’t feel the need to pick up and check your phone or to pay attention to surroundings. Conversations and company that leaves you whith that authenthic good-vibe feeling, in the sense of ‘yeah, I’ll finally do that, I’ll finally change that.” People who give you that extra push exactly where you need it in order to step out of your comfort zone and step over those doubts which separate you from doing something different, potentially phenomenal.

I don’t know a lot of people like that and I’m aware of their value and rarity. And I’m elated to say, Sindi makes the cut from the moment I’ve met her.

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